Seasonal & Other Services

ProScape Seasonal & Other Services

We take a lot of pride in being a full service provider to our customers. Whether it’s soil enrichment through compost installations or preparing your grass to fight off winter weeds utilizing pre-emergent, each season demands different services and we are fully equipped to handle your property’s unique needs.

Other Services

  • Composting & Aeration
  • Total Clean Up Service
  • Pressure Washing
  • Poinsettia Sales

Seasonal Services

  • Composting and Aeration
    • We will add needed oxygen, nitrogen, and other nutritional additives to your soil. This will also enhance your lawns ability to retain moisture; thus, saving you money on your water bill. Fall and/or Spring installation available.
  • Total Clean Up Service
    • If you are not looking for a regular service, we can come in and “catch you up”. Anything from massive leaves, overgrown grass, overgrown bushes, to low tree branches.
  • Poinsettias
    • We provide and deliver unmatched holiday poinsettias in decorative pots to your home or business, white or red. Contact us in October for prices and ordering